General FAQ

The Coalition for Gender Fair Procurement is an alliance of like-minded organizations seeking to promote Gender Fairness--which is based on The UN Women’s Empowerment Principles-- in their own organization and across all industries and organizations to inspire sustained positive progress towards UN SDG 5 - Gender Equality.

Coalition members cumulatively spend billions of dollars with other large--mostly non-diverse companies--organizations. These large, non-diverse organizations employ millions of people across the globe and accrue trillions of revenue each year. If corporations start requiring their large suppliers to report and improve on gender equality year over year, just as they do for compliance and cybersecurity--those suppliers will make progress. The coalition has the power to influence these large companies with our consolidated spending power.

Despite all our best supplier diversity efforts, only 6.1% of the total corporate spending in the US goes to black, women, and other under-represented suppliers. The other 94% of corporate spending represents a vast untapped opportunity to positively impact equality. This is where our gender fairness initiative looks to drive change.

Gender Fair and Logitech co-founded the coalition, with Andela joining as Founding Members. The commitments of the coalition are supported by our partners Ethisphere (assessment platform) and Globality (Sourcing marketplace) which both share our goals for equality.

Real measurable change towards gender equality in the hundreds of suppliers that are used by large corporations that results in a gender-equal future plain and simple.

The aim is to leverage the coalition’s combined corporate buying power to influence keystone companies in the corporate ecosystem. Ultimately our goal is to start an industry-wide change in procurement practices whereby all organizations assess all their high impact suppliers (high headcount and/or high revenue) for gender fairness as a matter of course as we do today for risk, privacy, data security etc... and then make spending decisions accordingly. If we all favor gender-fair companies, all companies will have to become gender-fair to thrive.

We want coalition members to be leading on gender equality. If your company is a US publicly traded company, look up its score on Gender Fair’s site or app; private or B2B companies can take the Gender Fair assessment and get their score within an hour. Those organizations scoring >70 of 100 are eligible to become a Gender Fair certified member, which is a prerequisite for joining the coalition for gender fair procurement.

Most companies are on a journey to equality and fall short of reaching gender fairness. The assessment provides a detailed roadmap to improve and meet the standard. It also allows a company to keep updating its progress so that once the standard is reached, certification can be obtained.

Anyone can take the Gender Fair assessment and certification. However, the coalition is dedicated to those in corporate procurement.

By taking on this leadership, You will have the opportunity to:

  • Help shape the future for Gender Fair evaluations and the wider coalition for gender fair procurement
  • Be part of an exciting and impactful movement to create an industry standard for gender fair procurement
  • Enlist like-minded suppliers to join the coalition

The assessment is hosted on the Ethisphere platform, a highly secure and confidential tool that allows the users to continue to update their corporate data as desired.